Pamper Party Website

The brief from the client was to re-create the look and feel of their printed brochure to a full CMS website.

Basic SEO was required and it had to be ‘mobile responsive’ for Tablets and Smartphones (their core demographic). For example, the menu with the oval containers reduces in size progressively until depreciating into a text smartphone menu.

The client supplied their original artwork on printed media as a basis for the look and overall feel of their new website.


Client Artwork



Client Artwork



Website based on Client Artwork


“Short Codes” were created to allow the text within the graphics to be updated independently of the images – reducing re-work, should the client add new pages.

The menus and information boxes are all soft-coded, for example the “Glitz n Glam Party” (see below) within the swirled image is editable as plain text in the CMS.  This benefits the client, enabling them to add new packages to their website by making text-only changes without the need for creation of new graphics to support changes in wording.

CMS Editable Graphics

CMS Editable Graphics


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