Our first Kindle eBook – The Original eBook Torch

ebook kindle smartphone app torchHot off the press – our latest Kindle eBook converts your iPad / Kindle Paperwhite / Tablet into an Emergency and Bedside Torch (this even works on Smartphones that have Kindle installed).

No need during a powercut to scrabbling around in the dark to find bulbs and batteries for your Emergency Lantern. This eBook is also a great companion for camping.

My copy is used as a soft (or harsh) night-light to avoid waking my significant other.

Does it work? Yes! My Kindle Paperwhite can light up the whole room, or just a corner – allowing me to get into bed without tripping over the cat!

The Kindle eBook is at a pocket-money prices for just US$1.20 / £0.77 – we guarantee to keep it this low for at the first 1,000 purchases. If you have ever needed an Emergency Torch then grab yourself a bargain and be prepared for next time.

Available now from the Amazon Kindle Stores Worldwide,

Use this eBook-App on all devices linked to your Kindle Account – no need to purchase a separate Apps for your iPhone, Android Table or Nokia Lumia – with Kindle your account is shared amongst all your devices.

With lower power consumption on Smartphones than Ad-Supported Torch Apps – this eBook will help conserve your battery life.

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