Review of TeslaThemes’ Electra WordPress Theme

TeslaThemes logoThis is a review of TeslaThemes’ Electra WordPress theme*.

TelsaThemes is a new theme shop, launched on 25th May 2013. At the time of writing that makes them just 11 months old.

With fourteen employees providing development, technical support etc,the company is certainly no one-man (or one-woman) shop.

Let’s start with pricing.

telsa themes

Starting at just $35 for a single theme, there are plans to suit all pockets. The ‘Standard’ package is great value – have access to all of TelsaThemes’ products for a year for just $45.

With a custom-coded framework sitting behind all their themes, TelsaThemes are targeting other themeshop customers such as ElegantThemes, StudioPress, WooThemes, and of course Themeforest.

TelsaThemes claim to have over 10,000 active subscribers, and their customer base is two-thirds web agencies, with the remainder being hobbyists and small businesses.

So our top requirements when selecting a theme to use on a client site are:

  • Good documentation
  • Client portal
  • Support forums
  • Child-theme friendly
  • Auto-updates of theme & framework
  • Route for paid customisation (currently $20 per hour)

TeslaThemes ticks all these boxes. Their website is slick and the use of English good (if you haven’t guessed, the company is based in Poland). The sign up process, portal and forums all function through just one login.  A LOT of other theme companies could learn this trick too … you know who you are!

TeslaThemes are committed to adding three new themes each month to the “Theme Club”… so in a year that means over 30 new themes would be available during the subscription.

Now let me tell you about us… we primary develop using the StudioPress framework. We used to be a fan of WooThemes Canvas until they threw a wobbly and broke their contract with 100,000 customers. That said, we do like to use a base theme to customise, especially when the client’s budget is modest.

So, back on track… there are stacks of documentation included with the theme – along with examples of how to set up WordPress from scratch.

Theme Installation

Installation went without a hitch.


There were then prompts for an auto-install of Revolution Slider; this guides you through the rest of the process.


Telsa Dashboard

This is possibly one of the nicest looking dashboards I’ve seen (other Theme shops, take note!)


Generally, when developing a site, we set up on our test server with the chosen ‘Theme’ plus any default content it comes with. Then, we set-up a separate client site also on the test server; this allows us to get a ‘feel’ for the theme’s abilities and strengths before creating the initial mock-up.

TelsaThemes have cleverly included a two-click install of the demo content (it’s two clicks as there’s a confirmation that you really want to overwrite with demo content).

This is another lesson other framework studios should learn from…


… and as if by magic the content is loaded.


Now, I was tempted at this stage to stop the review and to be honest, there was little point writing anything else….and do you want to know why? Well for literally very little money you get access to some impressive themes. And for just that – it’s well worth the $45 alone.

So, if  you’re still with me….here’s what showed up for the demo content:


Nice, eh?

So what I wanted to know now: how did this homepage get built?

Well it’s remarkably simple: shortcodes!

The shortcodes draw on the content created in the various Electra panels located in the admin panel.


In addition to the shortcodes, there are a number of different template files available:


Let me briefly talk about other function. There are six Widgets that come with the theme:


And I’ll have to be honest here; I’m not a huge fan of ‘built-in’ function, having Twitter available “out-of-the-box”, along with email subscriptions, there’s no argument from me.

Oh, and I touched on this earlier, but you also get the Revolution Slider included for free along with this theme.



I love Revolution Slider for ease of use, and getting this included in the package is brilliant.


Ok, perhaps I am gushing too much? Sorry, but… a theme shop will live or die based on the ‘s-word’ – yes, ‘Support’.

And (sorry!) this I love … TelsaThemes show realtime stats on support questions asked and resolved. Of the support questions I checked, all the answers from TelsaThemes were polite and provided a solution. This approach in providing status is VERY transparent, radical even?  I’ve not seen that elsewhere.



I’ve only had a chance to check this one theme. It feels solid enough  – I encountered no problems and everything worked great.

At the current price – go buy it  (if you like one of their 20 themes) and you get the rest thrown in for free. It’s great value for money. Click on TeslaThemes before the price goes up.

Let me rephrase that…for the money, they are literally giving their product away to build market share. If you can find a better product with the same support that’s cheaper, we’d love to know!

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(*affliate links, we’ll get a few dollars if you sign up – rest assured, we get asked to review lots of products and the ones we don’t like we don’t review!)


2 Responses to Review of TeslaThemes’ Electra WordPress Theme

  • Alex

    Nice theme. I really like electra.

    • Amanda Mayne

      It’s nice isn’t it Alex.

      The demo set-up just allows folks to pick and choose which parts they want to use on their own site – which can be very helpful.