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So I had a problem – I was sharing a couple of posts that gave some great How-to’s with CSS modifications for Developers and I wanted to moniterize the content, or get an acknowledgement for providing the tips for free.

So first off I shared my Amazon wish-list within the How-to post. I left it a month and I was looking forward to the steady stream of gifts from well-wishers streaming through my letter box … but no clicks and no affiliate sales.  Time for a rethink.

So next in line was a PayPal donate button, that way if someone wants to donate a dollar for the info, it’s just a few clicks away.  I left it to run for a month as before … zilch again.

Then I thought – okay let’s get some Facebook Like or Twitter Followers … so again I put up some links for a month.  Zilch again.

Social Locker for WordPressSocial Locker Plugin

I happened upon a new WordPress Plugin which was Code Canyon called Social Locker.  Social Locker encourages readers to ‘Pay’ for content with a simple ‘Facebook Like’ or a ‘Tweet’.

Priced at a very reasonable $21, one lazy Sunday I logged into my Code Canyon account, and downloaded the Plugin.


Installation was a breeze – it uses the standard WordPress installer, and after entering my licence code the full capabilities of the Plugin were unlocked (note – you can click all of these pictures to see a larger version).

WordPress Social Locker Plugin

Plugin Panel

The Plugin adds a new panel to the left-nav, the options are:

  • All Social Lockers — From here you can view and modify individual Lockers
  • Add Social Locker — Create a new Locker from scratch
  • Common Settings — Allows Tracking / Debug Mode
  • Usage Statistics — Provides Stats/Trends on clicks
  • License Manager — Activate the Premium function of the Plugin

Common Settings

Common Settings define optional Facebook tracking, Language, Activate Debug mode (the content is permanently show) and whether you want the plugin to track statistics.

WordPress Social Locker Common Settings

Usage Statistics

The Statistics do a great job of giving an overview of content unlocking, the report is highly customisable and the only omission is the ability to download the statistics to a CSV.

WordPress Social Locker Usage

Supported Networks

Social Networks supported at time of writing includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin — all of which have one or more methods of unlocking.

For example, with the Twitter Social Network there are two methods of unlocking the content, either as Tweet, or a Follow.  You can also allow the reader to choose which option they wish to use.

The screenshot below shows all the Social Locker settings – click the image to zoom in.  This screen is very well documented and so I will not repeat the functions that area already explained.

A lot of thought has been put into the Plugin by the author, for example the UI allows the ability to drag/drop the order of the Social Lockers.  From a functionality point of view the Locked Content can remain ‘Search Engine Friendly’ to allow your locked content to still be indexed and spidered by search engines.

Social Locker allows you to set the destination link manually, so it can be your Facebook Page, the homepage of your website, or the page being currently viewed by your reader.

New Social Locker Plugin

Default Skins

There are a number of different default skins available — by the way, these are just pictures, you can click them to see a bigger version.





According to the documentation, the skins can be edited but I haven’t had the need to do this yet.  It’d be nice if the skins could be built/modified within the UI, but it’s not a showstopper.


Social Locker uses simple Shortcodes – so for example to add the demo below I use the code:


In just four weeks I got the following results,

  • Additional 131 Facebook Page ‘Likes’
  • 119 new Twitter Followers
  • 77 new Google +1’s


Social Locker is a relativey new plugin, and is updated with updates and new function on a regular basis.

I’ll be honest.  If you haven’t got this Plugin in your arsenal then head over to Code Canyon now and buy Social Locker it’s currently only $21 and the value it provides is superb.  I doubt if this Plugin will stay at $21 – so pick up a copy before the price increases.


I give this Plugin a rating of 5 out of 5 – Recommended.


If you have any questions please add a Comment below!




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