Review of TeslaThemes’ MyCountdown WordPress Theme

This is a review about the TeslaThemes “Under construction” WordPress Theme called MyCountdown.

As usual with TeslaThemes, the zip file contains everything you need for installing the theme including the documentation, demo content and the theme package in both a zipped and unzipped format.

teslathemes mycountdown package

So, for this set-up I’ve installed the demo content which is the “Import XML” folder of the zip file. This demo content is installed using the import function of WordPress.

The next thing to do is to set the import the default “demo options”. So, from within the “My Countdown” control panel, hit the Import button then save.



There are a couple of steps that aren’t mentioned in the current documentation. Firstly, under the WordPress dashboard item, “Settings/Reading”, you need to set radio button to set “Static Page” and from the drop down list, select “Home”. The other step is the assignment of the WordPress menu to the correct location.


Now, lets take a quick look at the theme after this initial setup:

So there’s a lot going on here on this screen; the most prominent is the ‘test tubes’ with animated drips that flow into each tube. I have to say, it’s rather fascinating to watch, almost therapeutic. Underneath the test tubes are the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining till the website launch.

There’s a sign-up panel to allow email addresses to be collected so you can notify when the site is live. There is also a Twitter feed, social networking links for Facebook, Flickr and Google+, and on the left-hand side, the menu mentioned earlier.

The menu is a ‘flyout’ menu, and this allows flexibility allowing the MyCountdown page to be a mini, or full website in itself.


Now, I’ll show you screen shots from the admin panel for the MyCountdown theme. I noticed that responsiveness of the panel doesn’t work too well on lower resolutions, though it’s not a show stopper at all.




In the last screen shot you’ll notice this is where email addresses are collected from website visitors that want to know when the site goes live. From here you’d copy paste the list into your mailing manager.


This is the most visual and eye catching “Under Construction” theme we’ve come across – priced at $35 one time cost with lifetime of updates, or you can subscribe to TeslaTheme’s yearly package at $45 and get all their themes and updates for 1 year.

If you build WordPress websites, this theme is perfect to let your visitors know the website is “Under Construction” and to collect email addresses.

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