Throwing Your Website into the Bin

Would you throw away your Business Brochures?

Here’s a question for you…

…. the new brochures you just got printed for your business at great expense: full colour, glossy, double-sided professionally designed and printed on thick quality paper…

…. would you consider, instead of doing a mail-drop or posting your brochures through letter boxes, throwing them straight into the bin?

So you wouldn’t?

Why not?

Because there’s a good chance you’ve done this with your website already.

So what do we mean?

Your freshy printed brochures are worthless unless you get them into people’s hands, under their noses and the eye-balled.

Have you thrown your Website away?

Your website may look all fancy-pants, with sliders, photos and swirly-wirly content – but without eyeballs on your website – but you may well have thrown it into the bin.

If you’re looking to get a website built, you’ve probably been given the hard-sell about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and that for £200 a month you can rank #1 in Google for two or more of your keywords. Here’s the big secret. Unless you’re in a cut-throat national or international market your £200 a month is best off staying in your back-pocket.

We include Basic SEO as standard into all the websites we build – as part of our standard service. When a search engine looks at your website, all it can see is text. So when we build your new site we include special codes to tell the search engine about your business. Sounds like mumbo-jumbo? At a basic level this means re-naming your photos and files to match your business, building pages using titles and links that match your business and so on.

Don’t make a website that’s ready for Recycling

A friend of ours was telling us their website (not built by us) wasn’t bringing in business – they now were reliant on word of mouth to pay the bills and they just couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. This wasn’t a great situation for them as their business could only be used once by each person, even if they did a great job, that person couldn’t go back a second time to buy again – it is key for them to get a steady influx of new clients.

We searched for their business on Google and we eventually found them on the 6th pages of search engine results … and nobody clicks through to the 6th page of Google!

This business “had thrown their website into the bin” –  it wasn’t getting eye-balled and they were losing out to competitors.

We took a look at the code behind their website and the site had been built without any consideration for SEO. The ‘friend’ that built their website was unavailable to make any changes and the structure of the site is such that fixing for SEO requires a complete re-vamp (by the way, we love doing re-vamps, just Contact Us for a quote).

We build sites to be Eye-balled

The other reason we’re posting this, the local business sites we’d built in the prior few months are ranking number #2 in Google (on the first page) for the client’s search terms. And we were pretty excited by this, it’d meant the time taken explaining to the client ‘why’ their site had to be structured in a certain manner had paid off.

So I dropped the client an email with the news and they sent this back to us,  ‘And even better, if you Google “(our search terms)”, we’re the top hit, and the 2nd hit too! How good is that?!!!  I know it’s down the the way you’ve set up and structured things for us”.

The moral of the story

The moral of the story is to include basic SEO from the outset on your website build.

Without basic SEO from the outset, you will throw your website into the bin.


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