Website Domain Names

About Domain Names

Before the advent of domain names, a twelve digit number had to remembered then typed in to find a website!  Fortunately, an easier process was invented; the “Domain Name” system that we all use today is to a great extent, unaltered since its inception in 1983.

Domain Name Selection

An important first step for your new website is choosing the correct Domain Name.  If you want help choosing and selecting the right Domain Name we’re here to provide professional guidance.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Names, unless you specially request otherwise, are registered to you. As the domain is registered to you – it means you have ownership should you wish to transfer the domain elsewhere.

Domain Names are never owned outright – they are registered for a period of time.  A two year registration is usual for a Domain Name, though it is possible to register some Domain Names for up to ten years.

When the Domain Name’s registration expires, it becomes available to be registered by another company or individual. It is therefore vitally important to keep registration up-to-date.  We have owned the registration of this domain,, since January 2000 – we know a thing or two about ensuring that renewals are done in a timely manner.

Domain Name Charges

Domain Name Type Suffix Annual Cost
United Kingdom uk / / / £20
Top Level Domain com / net / org / biz / info £30
Europe eu / be / es £40
Other pro / me / at £50