What is the cost of a new Website?

How much will it cost?

One of the first questions we are always asked by clients is, ‘How much will a new website cost?’.

So as every project is different, lets start with building up your requirements for your quote for a website.

First you’ll tell us about your business, then you’ll tell us the function you’d like the website to fulfil, and whether you have an existing website that you’d like to be refreshed.


What type of Website?

Now it’s time to decide if you want a Brochure Website, a Static Website, or a Content Management System (CMS) Website.

  • Brochure – Website showcasing your business, typically 10 pages or less
  • Static – A “This Is My Business” website – typically 4 to 5 pages
  • CMS – A website that you can update yourself through a control panel


eCommerce Website?

Next step is to decide if you want to include an e-Commerce solution as part of your website.

  • Do you want to sell your products and services online?


Business Website Branding and Colours

Next, we need to know about your business branding and colour scheme – how specific is it, and does your business have e a logo available?

  • Providing your stationary / business cards and brochures provides us with a colour scheme to replicate with you new website
  • If possible logo’s should be provided in a high quality format such as PNG / PDF / PSD to get the best results
  • No logo?  No problem – we can help.


Your Website Content

Do you have your website content, that is your pages, text and images prepared and ready to be sent?

  • Preparing your content – and sharing it with us during the quote process can offer a more cost effective website
  • Need a final polish to your content?  We can help here, and for larger projects we can send the content to our copywriter


Email Requirements

How many email address do you need, will you need to access email via a smartphone, perhaps you want to access email from a variety of places?

  • If email is an important part of your business – consider upgrading to a corporate-grade email system


Domain Name

Do you have a domain name in mind, or perhaps you have registered one already?

  • For local business – the right domain name can convey your location and your business to customers
  • If this is not possible, try to avoid long domain names – 8 characters or less can be more memorable


How many website visitors are you expecting?

Are you expecting hundreds of visitors per month, or tens of thousands?

  • Deploying your website on the correct sized website server will reduce the cost of your website


Social Networking

Social Networking is an important and low cost solution to advertise your business – do you need a Facebook Page and Twitter account?

  • Social Networking is a cost-effective method of engaging with your customers
  • Social Networking also engages with the individuals in your customer’s social circle

Keepings costs down

The clearer your website vision – and if also communicated clearly will keep re-work to a minimum and the developer to build your site efficiently.  The more groundwork you do up front, the quicker your vision will become your new website.


There are a lot of variables to consider that impact the cost of website – the clearer the requirements are from the outset, the more accurate the quotation will be.

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