Useful CSS Tweak for WooThemes Placeholder

Are you using the WooThemes Placeholder theme as a temporary page for your new website?   Or perhaps you are using this design as a quick and easy one-page placeholder while the main website is developed?

It’s a great and quick way to get a temporary site in place – but the amount of empty space between the start of the header and the top of the web browser screen defaults 110 pixels which is a lot of empty space.

The tweak to the header CSS is quick and simple, add this code to the Theme Options Custom CSS section,

#header { padding: 50px 0 30px; }

If you need to modify the spacing – then change the value ’50’ to the amount of padding you want to be used.

Before and after screenshot,


If you find any of this useful or wish to add some of your own please let us know by posting a comment.


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