Your Email Address is not just Skin Deep

The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” was first coined over 1,700 years ago but when it comes to your email address your first impressions last.

With remote communications your email address is the cover to your book – and you will be judged on it –  It tells the recipient a lot about you.  Does the message have credibility, has the message come from a established organisation or has the message from an unconfirmed and possible spammer?

As your email address is so important – when working business to business or business to customer – do not use a generic email address ending in @gmail, @yahoo or @hotmail.  We have linked our email address to our domain name (as per the image below) if you are not already doing this then it ought to go onto your priorities list as a to-do item.


There are many options available to link your website domain name to your email address. You could use your hosting account’s email feature, or re-use your ISP’s account to store your messages.  The negative side to using this solution is that you are permanently tied to your Host or ISP.  If you want maximum portability for access to your email via your smartphone, web browser and Laptop our recommendation is to use a dedicated service such as Zoho or Google Apps.

The technical linking and setup of your domain to a Zoho or similar account is a few hours well spent and when complete will give your email messages an instant credibility boost.

So junk your @gmail, @yahoo and @hotmail email addresses and associate your email with your website’s domain name.

If you need help with this then get in Contact and we’ll be happy to boost your email credibility.


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